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House or apartment, your home is your « cocoon ». The one who welcomes your family, shelters your goods and all your memories. Protect your home with home insurance that suits you is essential!


AXA offers a home insurance policy that covers property and people:


- Damage to property: damage caused to buildings belonging to you and to your personal effects (furniture, clothing, books, computers, etc.).

- « Private life » civil liability : any damage civil in your private life (for example, you bump into a pedestrian during a bicycle ride), the "private life" civil liability cover all compensation to the victim for the damage you have caused.

- Civil liability of the insured: if you cause damage to a third party as owner of the building (for example, if a tile from your house’s roof falls off and injured a passer-by in the street).


Why AXA insurance?


- You are compensated for all your appliances less than 5 years old.

- You are relocated if you have to leave your home following a major disaster.

- You are helped within 4 hours for a plumbing, electricity or gas problem.

- You are protected if you have a dispute with a mover or a lessor.


All comprehensive home insurance policies cover at least your civil liability and the main risks (fire, water damage, natural disasters, etc.) whether you are responsible or a victim.



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